Happy New Year to all our customers, suppliers, and partners in China

February 18th 2007 marks the start of 15 days of celebration for the year of the pig. Over 1.5 billion people will gather for the traditional festivity of the Chinese New Year all around the world. But besides the colorful and traditional parades, this event brings the rest of the world to have a closer look at the impressive economical development of this emerging super power. Allforsite acknowledges this huge expansion, and launches an extensive supplier recruitment campaign to find the best products in order to keep satisfying its customers.

With the coming of the Chinese suppliers, the African and European telecom markets have known significant changes during the last few years. Major companies in the industry feel that these newcomers are jeopardizing their position because of their abilities to reproduce similar technologies for much cheaper costs. This phenomenon has led the current market leaders to put emphasis on service, as it became the best way to show the added value and to differentiate from the challengers.

However, this issue does not affect all players in the telecom sector. Allforsite does not know this problem, as its main concern is to deliver perfect services: delivering the best products at the best price, with the best advice in the shortest delivery time. Thus, Chinese suppliers are not considered as a threat but as a new opportunity to face the need of some customers.
To celebrate this special event, Allforsite puts its website under the theme of the Chinese New Year, and wishes a happy new year to all its customers, suppliers and partners.

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