May 11, 2007 – Results 2006

AllForSite BV. today reported results for the fiscal year 2006. The telecom equipment expert is glad to announce outstanding results for 2006.

Total sales remained the same compare to prior fiscal year despite the down turn of the supply chain management activity. “Sales of new equipments and products have compensated the loss our major supply chain management project that was counting for a third of our last year turnover” AllForSite’s spokesman said.
Gross margin was 20.23% compare to 16.23% in the prior year, and cash flow from operation increase of 59.18% compare to the prior year.

Jerome Perret, director for AllForSite, commented, “Our 2006 results were stronger than we had anticipated”. The better than expected results were primarily realized thanks to an improvement in gross margins and a decrease in operating expenses versus the year ago period. First of all, 2006 has been marked by the fast growing market in large countries such as Pakistan and Algeria.
Another reasons the better allocation of the company’s resources with the moving in June 2006. By focusing on trading, and leaving activities such as equipment and product storing, the company could lower operational expenses and reassign them more efficiently.
AllForSite management is confident for 2007 results, as the year started with the closing of major deals.

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