The mobile network operator whisperer

There is a familiar name associated with telecom operations in Africa, the name of a company incredibly gifted at understanding mobile network operators: AllForSite.

In today’s telecom rollouts, mobile network operators (MNOs) must quickly put their hands on critical information – technical specification, price, product availability… – whenever they need it, from wherever they are. MNOs’ buyers must deal with many suppliers and expect the same responsiveness from each one of them. The last thing they need is to be traumatized by suppliers’ promises that weren’t kept (e.g., late delivery, poor product quality, incomplete shipments).

In times of stress, MNOs seek the calming help of AllForSite

AllForSite offers telecom companies a quick-and-easy way to order telecom infrastructure equipments. For category buyers at MNOs in Africa, Holland-based AllForSite has become a single, one-on-one point of contact from quote, order intake, payment settlement, and shipment to country of destination. To African operators, having access to a unique European partner means faster response time, optimized delivery process and reduction of overall cost. That’s how AllForSite has earned the nickname “the go-to guys” for the on-time supply of product categories such as RF feeder line, test & measurement equipment, shelter accessories, batteries, etc….

Reliable, Resourceful, Reassuring !

Global telecommunication leaders – Orange, MTN, Orascom, Airtel, Millicom, Wataniya… – have come to rely on AllForSite for the timely delivery of site building materials in Africa and the Middle East. Driven by cost optimization, MNOs also find “the go-to guys” extremely resourceful when it comes to reducing overall procurement costs through customized packages (e.g., tower accessories). Last of all, the OEM product warranty provides a level of reassurance that is very comforting to end users.

By helping mobile network operators do business faster, more efficiently and with fewer resources, AllForSite has become a synonym for trust and stability over the last decade. Above all, the Dutch firm has managed to remain true to its core business values: product quality and customer satisfaction. In the next decade, the company will continue to deliver innovative telecom products that address customer needs and create new growth opportunities for the company.

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