Outstanding results for AllForSite

AllForSite confirms its good results for the first semester of 2006 with a 20% increase in the global turnover and a stable operational margin.
With 98% of the turnover achieved in Africa and Asia, the company also confirms its great international orientation.
However, due to the breach of contract with ASP/Panalpina/Ericsson, AllForSite did not reach its turnover objectives in relation to service supply (shipping, warehousing, kitting, distribution on site).
According to the company management, “ the situation became unbearable”. The wish of providing perfect services was no longer compatible with the necessity of self-protection (employees, knowledge and software) against perpetual IP infringement from Ericsson’s subcontractor.Nevertheless, Jerome Perret stays confident about the future of this particular activity within AllForSite, as operators are still looking for supply-chain management improvements with an increasing need in asset management.
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