A new partnership between AllForSite and PAV Data Systems

AllForSite is pleased to announce it has recently signed an agreement with PAV Data Systems, a British company that manufactures and markets the Free Space Optical (FSO) system. “PAV systems are well known for their great quality” explained Olivier Bourrain who concluded the deal for AllForSite.

Facing a booming demand for FSO systems, PAV Data Systems and AllForSite have decided to join forces in order to serve large telecom operators in a more responsive manner.
This agreement will allow PAV to accelerate the rollout of its technology whereas AllForSite confirms its interest to promote and sell high added value products.

FSO system is a point-to-point, infrared, wireless laser transmission designed for the interconnection of two points, which have a direct line of sight. The systems operate by taking a standard data or telecommunications signal, converting it into a digital format and transmitting it through free space. The carrier used for the transmission of this signal is Infra red light and is generated by either high power LED or low power laser diode(s).

The easiest way to visualize how the systems work is to imagine two points interconnected with fibre optic cable then removes the fiber. The basic principles for the transmission of a signal along a fiber are the same as for transmission through free space. The link heads are usually located on rooftops or on wall-mounted bracket or on transmission towers to ensure clear line of sight.

LAN extensions
IT Managers need to provide connections between buildings to extend local area networks and to extend the reach of internal telephone networks in a cost effective manner. This can be achieved using FSO providing there is a clear line of sight between each of the proposed link head locations on each building.
Mobile service providers’ backhaul
The telecommunications mobile service providers need to be able to transmit increasing amounts of voice and data traffic from mobile base transceiver stations to base station controllers. With the advent of 3G mobile technologies, the bandwidth requirements have increased to a point where existing low bandwidth leased lines and microwave RF technologies are struggling to cope.

LAN extensions
One of the solutions being used by an increasing number of businesses is free space optics to increase the spread of the existing LANs where there are new links required in remote buildings.
Mobile service providers’ backhaul
The high bandwidth supported by free space optics has enabled the technology to be used.

Free Space Optics can provide high bandwidth, can be rapidly deployed, has no licensing requirements and is inherently very secure. It is a point-to-point system, which can be redeployed, and operates, in the infrared spectrum using laser light for the transmission of data, voice and video. Transmission speeds of between 2Mbps and 1.25Gbps are available and PAV’s proven FSO technology is now installed in over 40 countries serving over 7000 links.
The link heads are portable and the internal systems are built on a modular basis. The 2km systems conform to the Class1M safety requirements of IEC60825-1 and the 4km systems conform to Class 3B.
Using FSO links means that there is no requirement to dig trenches for cables and this is one of the factors that makes FSO technology cost effective.

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