AllForSite promotes quality of network coverage in Africa.

AllForSite, the leading distributor of telecom equipments in Africa and the Middle East, has been selected by Holland-based UMTS Partners to exclusively distribute its range of SPAA systems in Africa.

This strategic alliance follows a fruitful series of tests performed simultaneously with a broad range of operators and radio equipment vendors, who have turned into happy-few aficionados of the new technology.

Through the SPAA05 NEX GPS alignment tool, RF planning and optimization specialists can now align antennas with 0.5 degrees accuracy and improve the nominal antenna bearing (azimuth) of your GSM, DCS and UMTS mobile cellular network. The standard SPAA05 NEX series of tools are the current standard of alignment tools. They have an on-board computer with Bluetooth and can measure bearings with a heading accuracy of up to 0.5°. The tool can be customized with another clamp, tilt sensors and/or different measurement software.

Long-time distributor of notorious brands (TERACOM, FRANKLIN, OBSTA…), AllForSite now offers satellite positioning antenna alignment tools.

As the leading mobile network operators (ORASCOM, MTN, ORANGE, ZAIN…) are now considering the excellence of network coverage as a key factor of competitiveness, the signature of this exclusive distributorship is yet another step towards the enhancement of AllForSite’s range of all-in solutions.

In light of the sales figures since product launch, the The-Hague-based company is looking to sell 750 systems in 2009 and more than 1,500 in 2010.

AllForSite, confider of the operators, commercializes solutions adapted to rollout needs. “Needs not as unique as they sound!” as Olivier Bourrain, director of business development in the Middle East and Africa region, points out. “Rollout problems experienced in one country can be often solved by solutions already tested and implemented in another country”. Since its creation in 1999, the Dutch firm has learned a great deal about the specific challenges of rolling out networks in the emerging countries.

“What builds trust and puts our clients’ mind at ease is that we are predictable. They know beforehand that they will obtain quality results from AllForSite”, explains the savvy French businessman. “We always strive to surprise our clients…with what they expect!”

By promoting and selling these state-of-the-art SPAA systems, AllForSite will allow the operators concerned with their network optimization to bridge more efficiently the technological gap between their in-house engineering and the actual installation on site.

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