Can AllForSite Cut Network Operators’ Costs Of Site Visits?

AllForSite strengthens its foothold in Africa and the Middle East with a series of new equipments that allows mobile network operators to reduce the annual cost of site visits and increase overall productivity. Because wireless margins are squeezed and rapid growth is no longer the driving force of the industry, mobile network operators explore the potential cost savings of optimizing network operations and limiting the number of site visits. With its long history of customers’ relationship, AFS now offers new solutions allowing field engineers and technicians of any skills and experience level to increase efficiency on site and reduce costly repetitive tasks.
AllForSite is the only company that provides similar measurement capability. Some of the key products available in AllForSite’s product portfolio include:- Line Of Sight Alignment Tool: Pair of GPS-enabled tools to align point-to-point backbone dishes by real-time measuring of antenna bearing, with an accuracy of up to 0.2° rms, within 2 minutes of after switching on the system.- Retrofit Inline Mechanical Tilt Sensor: Small device for the AISG RET antenna control unit that allows field technicians to measure real-time tilt and roll up to 0.1° without having to climb up the tower each time the antenna needs to be checked.- Antenna Identity Module: Small module that allows field engineers to identify the exact type of each antenna installed in the network, independently from the RET motor and without any (physical) site visit.

- Antenna Power Meter: Small device to monitor the radio frequency an antenna is really transmitting and its actual ERP power level.

- Engineering Handheld Compass: Handheld tool with on-board GPS system that measures and displays a real-time antenna heading with up to 2.0° rms accuracy.

- Antenna Alignment Tool: GPS-enabled tool tools to align antenna by real-time measuring of antenna bearing, with an accuracy of up to 0.5° rms, within 2 minutes of after switching on the system.

All these products can improve the efficiency of network operations by 25% to 30% by enabling operators to limit the number of site visits. They were designed to meet operators’ requirements worldwide (NB: AISG standard) and continue AllForSite’s commitment to offering solutions for saving time on site.”As the diversity and number of site locations increase, large mobile operators face major challenges when optimizing the cost and performance of their networks. The products we commercialize overcome several issues by providing the capacity to reduce the time spent on site managing and monitoring a variety of wireless equipments.” explains Olivier Bourrain, Managing Director, AllForSite. “We are very pleased that companies such as MTN, Orange, Millicom, Qatar telecom or Ericsson have been able to remove these barriers to their business growth through our solutions.”Each year, the existing sites require approximately fifteen maintenance visits. The ultimate objective of AllForSite is to reduce the number of site visits by providing field engineers with detailed information for analysis and troubleshooting directly to a desktop environment. This will allow decisions to be highlighted, resolved, and avoided at an earlier stage than is typically possible on telecommunications projects.Network mobile operators need to be more efficient. AllForSite is addressing those efficiency needs with such new products.

About AllForSite
Allforsite supplies telecom infrastructure products (Test & measurement equipments; feeder line products; equipments for towers & shelters; DIY tools…), and provides telecom-oriented logistics services. It is a name trusted and relied upon for worldwide on-time deliveries of site-building materials at the lowest overall costs. Allforsite’s customer base includes many of the world’s largest wireless networks operators and radio equipment vendors, and is spread out over Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
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