AllForSite has recently opened a new ASSET RECOVERY platform dedicated to Mobistar, the branch of telecom operator Orange in Belgium.

From now on, all dismantled equipment and site construction materials coming back from a Mobistar site shall be returned to AllForSite at Polder 15, 2840 TERHAGEN-RUMST, BELGIUM. It includes towers, shelters, BTS, antennas, PDH, SDH equipments and other.
After receipt, recovered assets will be refurbished, dismantled, sold, or disposed.

The scope of work that will be performed from there is a mix of logistics, refurbishment, scrapping, recycling and sell of reusable second-hand telecommunication equipment.
It includes the management of transportation, warehousing (e.g. receipt, inventory, and preparation), cleaning, configuration and testing of BTS, RBS, TRX, power supply, antennas and upgrade of other passive equipments such as telecom towers, shelter, temporary mast, swesites, cows etc.

This asset recovery project is operated by AllForSite Sprl, the newly incorporated entity of AllForSite in Belgium. However, the ASSET RECOVERY platform is dedicated to Mobistar only and will not be used for storage and/or pickup of the goods purchased on Those will continue to be processed from The Hague, Netherlands.

The award of such contract to AllForSite by Mobistar is the result of 10 years spent at the service of telecommunication providers and radio vendors, providing supply chain management solutions not only in Europe to Orange, Nortel and T-Mobile, but also to some of the major wireless industry actors in Africa such as Alcatel in Nigeria, Orange in Cameroon, Ericsson in Algeria and other.
“Our efficiency is essentially due to the quality, knowledge and experience of our staff. We have also developed customized, flexible and very specific information systems with the assistance of IT-Development, a company providing software to telecom providers (ClickOnSite, Afsol)” commented Perret, Managing Director at AllForSite.

On Mobistar’s side the business case shows a yearly gain of 1,5 to 2 million EURO that is possible thanks to a better control of returns (minimizing loses and damages), a larger reuse of assets, and a better follow-up on re-sell opportunities. Moreover, management expects an increase of efficiency in supply chain management operations alongside a process optimization and costs rationalization.

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