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The Internet (and especially the Web) is the fastest growing advertising segment in the world. That’s because Web advertising offers advantages, like high market segmentation, more accurate statistics, and lower costs that can’t be matched by conventional methods such as television, radio, or print. And the biggest advantage is that you get a guarantee that your products or your banners are actually seen by a person. You can’t get that guarantee with the old conventional methods. Thus, in the year 2000, communicating on the web became compulsory for companies to survive in the global economy, but in 2006, this is no longer enough.
Everyone has noticed the new trend that involves providing more value to Internet users by means of “free services”.
Pioneers such as Google, Yahoo, Skype or Crickee, just to name a few, have based their business models on providing free search capabilities, free messaging services, etc. They now generate most of their revenue from selling advertising. Therefore, we understand why they spend tremendous efforts on developing more features and more value for the users. It secures and enlarges their community that can be seen as a real company asset.In a completely different environment AllForSite, the telecom infrastructure specialist, understood this trend and will soon offer its Internet users access to the largest network infrastructure product database completely for Free.
At this stage, original product manufacturers can also post five of their products for free on or more for a reasonable participation of 18.75 euro per month for an additional batch of 25 products.
“It is a win-win situation,” says AllForSite management. “On one hand, to OEM we offer free communication and visibility on the web. On the other hand, the catalog helps our community of users exclusively involved in mobile phone network construction and site maintenance to considerably save time and money in looking for specific product datasheets”. Claire Menetrier who is in charge of communication at AllForSire concludes that: “Even if some suppliers are skeptical or reluctant about free services, most of them see the interest to join the AlllForSite community because it is free, easy and effective”.
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