Successful launch of the telecom second hand marketplace

A few months after its launch, AllForSite’s market place for second-hand telecom equipment has known great results. This market place was created to allow telecom operators, radio vendors, and equipment manufacturers to sell, buy and/or exchange their second-hand telecom equipment.

Through AllForSite, customers can buy a diverse range of second-hand telecom equipment, such as pylons or a full UMTS Network. “We received much positive feedback from the biggest names in the telecom industry,” says Jerome Perret, director at AllForSite. “The success of the interface is due to our extreme care for quality offered for lower prices”.

By choosing to buy second-hand telecom infrastructure products, customers can expand their network for a reduced price. Another advantage that made this offer very attractive for customers is the possibility to use and combine AllForSite services: order second-hand products with new telecom equipment, and have the insurance of great supply chain management.

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