Successful Launch for AllForSite New Logistics Services

Since January 2005, the Netherlands-based AllForSite provides an all-in supply-chain-management service aimed at companies in the mobile telecom sector. This new service strengthens AllForSite range of complementary services, and reinforces the market position of the operators’ privileged partner.
September 10, 2005 — At the end of 2004, AllForSite decided to broaden its offering to better meet the new needs of the mobile telecom players.Year after year, AllForSite has been enjoying a worldwide reputation for the reliability and the quality of its services (i.e., consolidation and supply of telecom infrastructure products) with mobile operators, radio equipment vendors and major installation companies. Today, the Dutch firm wants to put at the service of its clients all its expertise in international logistics combined with its knowledge of mobile networks deployments.To meet its customers’ need for economies of scale in 2001, AllForSite launched a very innovative “site-kitting” service. It resulted in the preparation of more than 2,000 sites in its Zoetermeer-based facilities for T-Mobile network in the Netherlands.In 2003, AllForSite then started a new refurbishment service of radio equipments (e.g., BTS/RBS), thus enabling the operator to re-use its 2G equipments in regions with less traffic.
Today, AllForSite combines its competences in project management, logistics and deployment of mobile telecom networks to offer a unique and complete supply-chain-management service to mobile operators and equipment vendors. This new service perfectly meets the new challenges of some operators that entrusts experienced specialists at lower overall costs with their non-core activities.Last January, AllForSite won its first contract as a 4PL to Panalpina. Under this agreement, AllForSite organizes all the importations of Ericsson Algeria, the main equipment vendor of Algérie Télécom. Its team of ten people is in charge of following-up all customs formalities, performing site-kitting activities, distributing packaged materials on site, and handling returns. Last but not least, the Dutch company has put at the disposal of all the parties involved, and especially its client, its now-famous, centralized and secured web-based platform that allows to manage all the data pertaining to the materials of the operator, and to optimize logistics flows.In this project, AllForSite brings its experience and know-how of the telecom sector to Panalpina, the preferred logistics service provider of Ericsson in Africa.
“This new turnkey service has enabled us to spread more strategically our different activities and equalize the products-services structure of our turnover” according to Olivier Bourrain, General Manager of the company. “For our customers, this service brings obvious added value in a very fast and simple manner. Because this is AllForSite core business, we manage and take responsibility for the quality of the supply-chain-management, while our customers stay focused on the core activities that really matter to their customers”, he continues.This niche market indeed looks very promising since other telecom players have already contacted AllForSite for providing this efficient service in other countries.
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