Wrapping up Mobistar swap !

The 3 years contract awarded to AllForSite in August 2008 came to term last month along with the swap of the last Nortel BTS, the last refurbishment of equipment and the scrapping of several non-usable assets.

According to J.Perret, Service Manager at AllForSite: This operation has been a complete success in terms of service quality. We always reached operator’s KPI and coped with the agreed SLA.The 5 members of staff involved in this project processed up to 6000 product references (1000s of items) resulting in a 1,8 million Euro gain for Mobistar. The benefits came mostly from re-use of refurbished equipment, scrapping of material and resale of second-hand equipment.Perret added: “this dedicated operation has been close down after validation of our last purchase order request.” In that matter, the approach of AllForSite also called “open book” is rather unique: the company invoices its customers at cost plus an agreed markup that varies from 5 to 20% depending on the cost nature (products, warehousing, staff etc.).(It guaranties client’s control over its costs and simplify the service contract negotiation concluded AllForSite’s spokman.)
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