Supply chain audit

Auditing your current third part contractors

Once you have contracted out any or all of your logistics operations to a Third Party Logistics provider you cannot just sit back and relax thinking you need not worry about the operations anymore. It is very important to make sure that your chosen logistics supplier is meeting the terms of the contract.
Have you got time to monitor their performance? Are they meeting your delivery schedules? Reduced service levels will adversely affect your operations including the potential loss of major clients and/or delay in the rollout.
Don’t let this happen: We can help audit your logistics provider. We will review the contract working with you and your 3PL, and provide a report outlining the options available to develop the service necessary & reduce the costs of meeting the current and changing needs of your business and supply chain.
3PL Audits & Benchmarking:

  • Service expectations and deliverables
  • Cost of contract warehousing when compared to other 3PL contractors
  • Complaints Performance
  • Contractor efficiency in terms of transport and warehousing operations
  • Added value benchmarking when compared to other 3PL contractors
  • KPI and performance bench marking against other 3PL contractors
  • Warehouse design
Besides capacity and organization issues (lack of knowledge & manpower; Lack of processes & tools), we often tackle small details that are easy to improve and contribute to better efficiency: