Supply chain management

Outsource your Supply Chain Management to AllForSite, because simply it PAYS!

  • Operators and radio vendor who outsource save time and money. Outsourcing logistics operations to AllForSite adds to the bottom line for both the operator and radio vendor through accurate, well-managed inventory and supply chain solutions
  • Outsourcing reduces the need for costly real estate to hold inventory. AllForSite offer expertise that operators and radio vendor can tap into, allowing implementation teams to achieve supply chain solutions with their customers that minimize total delivered costs
  • The efficiencies generated by outsourcing logistics has made it extremely popular. Recent studies show that fully 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies outsource at least one function the largest such number in history
  • This popularity results from the many benefits gained by partnering with a provider such as AllForSite


Benefit of using AllForSite and reduce total delivery cost.

  • Local expertise in new markets
  • Improved customer service through shorter shipment times
  • Reduced inventory costs through better management
  • Cost benefits through volume shipping discounts
  • Improved focus on core competency
  • Increased shipment visibility
  • More scaleable logistics operation and cost model
  • Improved variety of technology and service
  • Risk reduction
  • Increased expertise in supply chain security

Logistics outsourcing is an increasingly complex discipline, which must be optimised as a synchronized business function within the extended supply chain. If it is not, companies will face excess inventories, variability in supply, cost increases and poor customer service. However, synchronization requires deep logistics capabilities, along with a streamlined infrastructure to offer low cost and excellent service.

AllForSite helps organisations to attain the core competency they require in logistics and enables a host of capabilities and opportunities, including:

  • e-Fulfillment
  • Full flexibility of distribution strategy.
  • No large fixed costs.
  • No overhead cost.
  • Flexible inventory storage costs
  • Integrated systems with factories
  • Consolidation/de-consolidation
  • Flexible warehouse labour costs.

Our clients enjoy reduced transportation and warehousing costs, enhanced visibility and import/export expertise.


Worried about the implementation?
Contracting out your storage and distribution facilities and operations can be stressful and time consuming.
Therefore, we assist clients through the total logistics outsourcing process – from deciding what to do and whether to do it, to implementation while producing documents including responsibility matrix, SLA and contract.
We aim to ensure that you get the services you require from the only provider that specialise in telecom industry sector. We also seek to provide the most cost effective solution.